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Curso MOOC de gestão de projetos - Delft University
Criado por Henrique Rozenfeld em 04 de Abril de 2017 - 10:41.
URL: link do curso

Are you a (project) engineer with a technical background but lack management knowledge? Are you eager to improve project performance and want to expand your knowledge?

This business and management course will focus on the necessary project management skills to successfully manage projects, distinguishing three areas:

  • The project manager and the team
  • The project process
  • The project context

The course focuses on the early project phases, including examples from technical projects within various sectors and industries (amongst others, but not limited to, infrastructure projects and construction projects).

At the end of this course, you will have created your own project execution plan, either in a team effort or on individual basis. Of course the team effort allows for a special learning experience and we appraise active team participation.

What you'll learn

  • The importance of the front-end phases to create a successful project
  • How to select an appropriate project manager
  • How to successfully work together in a specialized project team
  • How projects are successfully managed in different sectors and contexts
  • To draft a project execution plan
Palavras-chave: MOOC, curso, gerenciamento, gestão, lecture, management, project, projeto, projetos
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