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Ecodesign The Competitive Advantage
Criado por Francis Ribeiro Silva ( USP ) em 04 de Janeiro de 2011 - 09:35.
Atualizado por Daniela Pigosso em 20 de Junho de 2012 - 11:17.

This book was written specifically to provide guidance and will help managers of samll and medium-sized enterprises, as well as others interested in the management of business, in a range of ways.

In order to deal with the myriad of challenges, the authors have included simple, but detailed checklists that can be used to evaluate a company's operations and serve as a guide to finding solutions. These have been structured around the corporate, management, product and production levels typically found in any enterprise.

Environmental expenditures should not be viewed as costs, but rather investments - with the expectations that prudent investments will yield competitive advantage

Palavras-chave: Ecodesign
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Referência completa: Ecodesign The Competitive Advantage/wolfgang Wimmer, Kun Mo Lee, Ferdinand Quella, John Polak

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