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Methods to Support EcoDesign in the Product Development Process
Criado por Daniela Pigosso em 26 de Outubro de 2009 - 20:11.

Within ecodesign, various approaches exist in order to achieve product optimization [1]. Most of the approaches consist of an environmental assessment (full or abridged) of an existing product. The result from the assessment enables the product developer to select a strategy and to obtain design measures for possible product improvements. Now the problem is how to transfer these design measures to product changes. This leads in most cases to a simple technical problem which must be solved. For technical problem solving many methods exist on the market. Comprehensive lists of available methods for product development can be found in [2], [3] and [4]. From these lists useful methods have been selected, adapted to ecodesign and applied to a vacuum cleaner. The results of this example are presented and reviewed in this paper.

Palavras-chave: ecodesign, methods, product development process
Nó: 11141
Referência completa: ERNZER, M.; OBERENDER, C.; BIRKHOFER, H. Methods to Support EcoDesign in the Product Development Process. Going Green Care Innovation. [S.l.]: [s.n.]. 2002. p. 13.

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